Advanced Angular: Architectures for Enterprise Applications
About this workshop

In this interactive seminar you will develop a critical understanding for planing and implementing large enterprise applications with Angular. You will explore and work with approaches to structure huge applications, and will see how to implement cross cutting concerns. For this you will You will come to recognize how to use reactive programming techniques and state management, how to plan for a great performance, and how to implement Authentication and I18N.

Based on a complete project with numerous examples, you will discuss different Architectures and Best Practices. At the end of this workshop, you have a template for your own projects.

Cutting Edge Technologies and Approaches

Using the latest innovations from the field of Angular and SPA, this training will enable you to build robust enterprise scale applications. You will develop a clear understanding for Progressive Web Apps, Service Worker, Web Components, Micro Apps aka (Micro) Frontends for Micro Services, custom npm packages and the Monorepo approach and develop your ability to develop mission critical software products with respect to long-term maintenance and performance.

Required Preconditions

A basic knowledge of Angular is needed. You can prepare with the official tutorial at or with our structured introduction. We will also repeat the basic building blocks of Angular quickly within the first exercise when we look at the used case study.

Your trainer(s)

Manfred Steyer

Michael Hladky

Dates for this workshop
Anytime In-House
Content of this workshop

Approaches for Structuring Angular Applications

  • How to slice an Application into Modules

  • Kinds of Modules

  • Angular and Microservices/ Microfrontends/ Micro Apps

  • Leveraging the Monorepo Approach

  • Building Adoptable Libraries

  • Using reusable Libraries to structure a large Enterprise-Application

Dealing with Cross Cutting Concerns

  • Leveraging Router Events

  • Global Error Handling

  • Using Directives for Cross Cutting Concerns

  • Manipulating Requests and Responses with HttpInterceptors

  • Global Warnings before destructive Actions

  • Protecting Routings with Guards

Component Design

  • Data Binding Deep Dive

  • Smart and Dump Components

  • Implementing a Message Bus

  • Hierarchical Dependency Injection

Progressive Web Apps

  • Service Worker with @angular/service-worker

  • Offline-enabled Web-Apps

  • Updating Progressive Web Apps

  • Storing Data within the Browser using IndexedDb

  • Push-Notification

  • Background-Synchronization

Reactive Architectures with RxJs

  • Reactive Testing and Marble Testing with Jasmine and Karma

  • Closing Observables

  • Observables and Subjects

  • Cold vs. Hot Observables

  • Chaining/ Piping Operators

  • Reactive Thinking and Design

State Management mit Redux (@ngrx/store)

  • Generating Boilerplate Code with Nx and Schematics

  • Debugging Reactive Solutions

  • Redux and Routing

  • Asynchronous Side Effects with @ngrx/Effects

  • Using @ngrx/store

  • Motivation and Alternatives

Performance Tuning for Large Scale Enterprise Applications

  • Service Worker Caching for weak Network Connections

  • Serverside Rendering for Portales

  • Optimizing Startup Performance with AOT and Tree Shaking

  • Optimizing Databinding Performance with OnPush, Immutables and Observables

  • Optimizing Startup Performance with Lazy Loading


  • I18N with ngx-translate

  • I18N and Forms

  • I18N with the Angular Compiler

  • I18N Pipes in Angular

Authentication and Single Sign on

  • Single Sign out

  • Token Refresh

  • Single Sign out

  • Refreshing Sessions

  • OAuth 2, OpenId Connect and JSON Web Token (JWT)

  • Integrating existing Identity Solutions like Active Directory and Social Providers like Facebook

Why do developers love our workshop?
  • Your Trainers are professional software architects and web developers who use Angular since its first hour. They are building mission critical enterprise applications for years and hence they know what matters.

  • We are doing Angular workshops since it went into its BETA phase and know how to best explain advanced topics. We also know that talking about Angular is not enough: Hence, we've designed a lot of exercises so that you can experience the provided topics. Additionally, we are doing a lot of live coding which allows you to find out easily how to use the extended mechanisms we are talking about.

Why do companies choose our workshop?
  • Our trainings are the best way to empower developers with deep-going knowledge to write cutting edge enterprise applications with Angular. Our structured approach prevents misleading decisions during big projects and hence helps you to be in time and in budget.
  • Our training provides best practices that help developers to master their enterprise scale Angular applications. During the workshop, we're extending a representative example step by step which leads to a template that can be used for your next project.